September 2005

September 2005
Welcome to the september edition of THE INK!
 You found me!
I guess now that I’ve been discovered I better grant your wishes and come and write the newsletter for this month.
Halloween Contest
I like it when I get to show off my natural modelling talent, however, I draw the line at wearing the same outfit Buddy Guy has worn. If I looked ticked off, I am.
Halloween is next month so I should remind you we will have a costume contest – and we hope to see some really creative entries!  I know my Adoring Fans are quite the creative bunch so I expect some wonderful entries, don’t be shy!
2005 Halloween Costume Contest Rules: Lesley Anne in Kimona
  • Submissions must be dropped off or e-mailed by October 24, 2005
  • Must be an original photo to which you own the rights
  • Digital editing is restricted to backgrounds and accessories, your cat must be wearing a costume… we may ask to see it.
  • All submissions accepted as long as your pet is being treated humanely.
  • All submissions give consent for THE CAT HOUSE to publish or use the photos in any CAT HOUSE publication or ad without further compensation. All other rights remain with photographer.
  • Submissions must be of a single cat with no other animal, or human. 
Contest Categories:

•    Most sophisticated

•    Most ridiculous •    Most colourful
•    Most original •    Most feminine •    Most masculine
•    Most historically accurate •    Most intricate •    Cutest
•    Most like a different animal •    Best Movie theme •    Best Hero theme    

Categories may be added or removed based on submissions.
All winning photos will be posted on our website. Prizes to be announced in our October 1st Newsletter.

Sometimes it’s not easy being so irresistible
Inside the KittywalkI wish I had a built in SSSCat™ in my Kittywalk™ to keep my fans at a royal distance. Jacqueline from Toronto didn’t quite grasp the concept and crawled right in after me. Can you imagine? The audacity! SSSCAT™ is a wonderful new device (environmentally friendly) which is very easy to use and a great human deterrent (works on cats too). All you have to do is set the motion sensor that clips on to the included can of compressed air and it gives a warning sound and then lets out a big white cloud with a hiss sound when activated. Nobody gets hurt but it sure makes the target jump when they get hissed at by this mysterious device. The great thing is you can even set the sensor to just give a warning sound and direct the nozzle to hiss at different angles. It’s a lot of fun to watch the ‘fraidy cat run away too! Great for keeping cats off counters, tables, out of certain areas, entire rooms or floors. One can of air often goes a very long way; our computer guy ( has two and swears by them to protect his office and dining table.
Sugar & Spice & All things Nice
This month’s free gift is a sweet pleasure for all my human friends out there. When you stop by the store during September and mention this newsletter Mom & Dad will let you choose a couple of cute cat shaped candies or caramels. Enjoy!
Swinging Cat-a-strophe
If you have small children someone has probably warned you to cut the loops on you blind strings to prevent accidental strangulation. This should also apply to any household with a cat as illustrated by Joanne Wegiel of THE CAT HOUSE in the following Cat-a-strophe:
            “One day Henry and I had a day off together relaxing at home and I was watching TV. One of our cats, Goucho, who had been sleeping on top of our TV, stood up and commenced the classic wretch of bringing up a hairball. Before I could remove him from the TV he brought up a hairball and all that comes with it, which ran into the TV which produced a big flash causing the TV to start smoking! Upon hearing my screams Henry told me to quickly unplug the TV. We called a TV repair shop and asked them what to do, followed their instructions, crossed our fingers and turned the TV back on, lo and behold, success! It worked.
“Just as we stepped back in relief I felt something brush my arm and to my horror saw that it was the same cat hanging by his neck swinging like a pendulum at the end of our looped blind cord. We quickly rescued him and immediately and cut all the blind cords in the house to prevent another such Cat-a-strophe”
Please send us any Cat-a-strophe’s you may have experienced for consideration in future newsletters.
Aren't I Adorable?Can it be possible?
I can’t imagine it, but I’ve heard some people are allergic to cats! I say its heresy but Mom gets asked all the time by people who need a way to manage cat allergies. Intently listening I was in awe at such horror stories. Fear not my fellow felines; we’re not relegated to the curb yet! It turns out we stock a product called allerpet/c® for people who are allergic to cats. The bottle says “allerpet/c cleanses the animal’s hair of the antigens considered to be the prime causes of allergic reactions to cats.” Mom says it really works for most people and is recommended in workshops put on by the Allergy/Asthma association of Canada. Isn’t that great?!
Pet-icure Anyone?
How to Trim Cat ClawsMost of us hate having our nails done. I don’t know what humans get out of it when they go to the spa, but who knows how those silly creatures think anyway right? Good technique goes along way in helping us tolerate nail grooming. What you want to do is inspect the nail to locate the quick (Blood vessel) Cut the nail at an angle as shown in the picture. If your cat’s nails are extremely long, trim a little off the tips, then wait a week and trim nails again. This causes the quick to retreat back into the nail. Regular trimming will allow you to trim the claws to your desired length. For more information stop by the store and we can show you the different styles of nail clippers we have and how to use them.
He’s Famous, but I’m famous-er!
I hope you’re not tired of hearing about Buddy Guy’s t-shirt. He is so happy to be able to give back to the community that he came from (Cochrane, AB). Many of you know that he was living with a feral colony there for a few years before being rescued and brought to THE CAT HOUSE. The t-shirt is selling very well and raising funds to help build a new animal shelter in Cochrane. We can’t tell you how thrilled we are every time someone buys one or we see one of you wearing one. The Cochrane Eagle weekly newsletter has written about the success of the campaign. You can read the story by going to our website at and clicking on the “In The News” section.
Happening around Town
Saturday & Sunday October 29-30 are dates you might want to mark on your calendar. The Southern Alberta Calgary Cat Fanciers will be holding their next cat show on those dates. Click here for further information.
The End

Meow Purr my Adoring Fans,
Lesley Anne

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