July 2005

July 2005

We Are Canadian!

Happy Canada Day!
Buddy and I want to wish you a very happy (and dry!) Canada Day! We are Canadian and proud of it!

Stampede Princess
Of course, being it’s July and all, that means one other thing, STAMPEDE TIME! Let’s all hear a great big loud MEOWHOO! I love the Stampede, something about the western wear makes me excited. This year I ran for Stampede Princess in the store, and won of course. Lesley Anne - Stampede Princess Here’s a picture of wonderful ol’ me giving a nod to those who ran against me, they wish they looked so beautiful. If you’re sufficiently jealous and would like a tiara for your cat just come and mention this newsletter and my Mom will give you one for free, just like mine. However, I guarantee it won’t make your cat look as gorgeous as me, close, but not quite.

One of the things I really like about Stampede is the food. They say you can eat all week for free (and never want to see a pancake for the rest of the year) if you know where to look. Well, look no more my loyal fans. I asked around for you and as it turns out our computer guys from My Computer Hero.ca run a website where you can search for breakfasts by date, quadrant and postal code! I love their logo: “Free Food… ‘Nuff Said” indeed! They also have prizes up there for those who submit the most listings so take a look at www.stampedebreakfasts.com and spread the word!

Cochrane Humane Society Update

Last week the Cochrane Humane society put out a plea to area residents via news media to help them with a very crowded situation. They had over 100 cats stuffed into their poor little shelter. Being way over capacity, they asked the community to come out and adopt cats and a lot of you did! Thanks to the many caring people like you who adopted, the Cochrane Humane Society now will not be faced with putting down healthy cats. Let’s try to keep it that way!

Buddy Guy’s Wanted T-Shirt, AGAIN!
I’m obliged to mention Buddy Guy’s t-shirt again this month. Initially I objected because it’s MY MONTH for the newsletter and therefore, naturally, it’s all about ME. However, seeing as the proceeds for the shirts go to the Cochrane Humane Society to help them build their new shelter, I relented. The Humane Society just hit the magic million dollar mark: over half way to their $1.7 million goal. Thank you to those of you who have helped, it means a lot.

Kittywalk Stroller Double Decker Kittywalk StrollerSingle Pet Kittywalk Stroller
We’ve mentioned the Kittywalk outdoor enclosure systems before, but now we want to tell you about the Kittywalk stroller as well. They come in single and double-decker models and are available through THE CAT HOUSE. We have one on display at all times. Come take a look at them and see how easy it would be to have your cats accompany you on a walk without having to constantly untangle leash lines. I even demonstrated how much fun it was to ride in one for THE PET GUYS TV program (also available in blue and pink.)

Outward Hound Pet Stroller




The Outward Hound
We also have a less expensive alternative called The Outward Hound. It is a smaller stroller but a little easier to collapse. Here’s a shot of one as well:

Warning: Please remember that when you bring your stroller inside, don’t do what Daddy did and leave Buddy Guy (or your cat) in the stroller all night! I couldn’t get a wink of sleep because of the poor guy’s constant meowing.

That's All Folks
Well, my paws are getting tired, and you should feel quite honoured by now so I will let you go. Remember, I love you all, not as much as you love me of course, but that’s the way I like it. Ta!

Lesley Anne

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