June 2005

June 2005

Cats Rule!
Lesley Anne isn't the only one who looks good in a crown!

Happy Pawther's Day!
Howdy all!
Buddy Guy here, Just a quick note to wish a Happy Pawther's Day to all you guys out there. Did you know that I'm the proud father of three beautiful kittens? When I was hanging out in Cochrane with a few dozen other strays, I had a sweet mate named Nellie and together we had three beautiful kittens - two girls who look like me and a boy who has the same colours as his mother. I'm such a proud Dad that if you come in to THE CAT HOUSE in the month of June I'm passing out cigars---catnip filled cigars that is. Just come to the sales desk and wish me a Happy Pawther's Day and I'll be happy to give you one!

Speaking of furry children have you noticed how many more people are naming their cats like their children? These days we cats are seen to be family members through and through and are being named accordingly. More than ever we four-leggeds are being given popular boys and girls names. The top pet names in the UK currently are Molly, Charlie, Max, Millie, Oscar, Poppy, Harvey, Alfie, Rosie, Harry, Jack, Lucy, and Sam . Now when you call out our names people won't know whether you're calling your children or your cats.
By the way the "WANTED" T-shirt featuring me wearing a cowboy hat and a Bandanna would make a great Pawther's Day gift don't you think? Remember Stampede week will be here before you know it - help Dad get ready to party and help the Cochrane Humane society to build a new shelter!

Congratulations to the MEOW Foundation - they have now found homes for 1753 cats and kittens. Thanks to all you Meowthers and Pawther's for finding room in your hearts for these wonderful cats. If you wish to receive the latest MEOW news you can check out their website, subscribe to their newsletter or check out our bulletin board in the store.

Crazy Mouse Toy
Have you seen the Cat ‘n’ Mouse toy yet? It has captivated my kittens and many other cats! It’s cat powered and the great part is cats can play with it without having to pester Mom and Dad all the time. Check it out next time you're in the store. Please phone ahead though as they are flying out the door and sometimes we have to wait for the next shipment to arrive. 

The shipments are selling out quickly with people buying 2 or 4 at a time. Call "CAT-CATS" (228-2287) to be put on the list to get one. Mom promised me that this time she'd keep one for me and '"the Princess" ... I hate it when customers talk her in to selling the demo toy!


Cats in Clothes
If you think I look like my Mom dresses me - you're right! You may have seen photos of me in the store wearing various outfits for fun. Well now my Mom has this idea that we should have a costume contest for cats for Halloween. We thought we'd mention it now just so you have time to be on the lookout for ideas and to get the creative juices flowing. Anything goes as long as you and your cat are having fun: we don't want to hear of any charges of animal cruelty. All photos should be submitted to THE CAT HOUSE by October 1st, 2005 and will become our property upon submission. Rules and prizes will be announced in a future newsletter and on our website.

Is The Pope Cataholic?
According to various news reports, Pope Benedict XVI is a cat lover. The new Pope apparently pays attention to the street cats around the Vatican and talks to and visits with the cats. They seem to know and love him quite well; apparently the Holy Father's love for cats is quite famous, so happy Pawther's Day to you to Pope Benedict!

That's it for this edition of THE INK!
We'll be back next month when Lesley Anne gets to bang on the keyboard and brag that's it's her turn. July is not going to be fun for me!

Buddy Guy

PS. Send this newsletter to a friend who you think might enjoy it so they can get their free gift too!

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