Rods - feather fly fishing rod



This extendible fishing rod toy is exceptionally popular with cats due to the fluid motion and tempting feathers that twirl and flutter through the air just like a bird. It is similar to DaBird but costs less, bounces more due to the flexible tip and is easier to store safely.

This durable toy is only 15" long until you extend the telescoping rod to its full length, 40".  The clear nylon fish line string is 25", and the feather attachment is 9". With the total length of the toy being over six feet, a mere flick of your wrist will cause the feathers to really fly and spin. Your cat will leap, reach, twist, and get a good workout while playing with this fishing rod. This interactive toy provides another fun way to bond with your kitty. You may find yourself wondering when you're done playing - who had more fun - you or the cat!

As with Da Bird TM, the feather attachment spins and flutters when pulled through the air, bringing out your cat's hunting instincts. For a significantly lower price than the competition, this rod toy has the added benefit of a having a comfortable foam handle and of being easier to store between play sessions. This toy is designed for you to play with your cat. For safety reasons keep it out of reach of the cat when not in use.

Within a week of beginning to sell Feather Fly Fishing Rods we had customers purchasing additional toys for friends. You know a toy is good when your customers sell them for you. 

We also carry an assortment of replacement fly fishing attachments and plan to keep adding to our selection. 


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