Honeysuckle Wood Slices



Most cats derive extreme pleasure through their sense of smell when presented with Honeysuckle wood. More cats respond to this natural treat than to catnip.

Cats enjoy the scent of this wood so much that they will hold it in their paws, rub the Honeysuckle on their face, and drool. This is a fun alternative to catnip that your cat will enjoy again and again. Honeysuckle slices and slabs keep their potency for years, and just need an occasional rinse with water to wash off the old drool and grunge. Wetting the wood with a few drops of water before giving it to the cat seems to enhance the scent of the wood. Once or twice a year scrape the flat surface of your Honeysuckle wood with a knife until you see a bit of sawdust. This renews the surface of the wood and will help your cats to enjoy it more.

Slices of this wood range in size so we combine multiple slices in a package to create a standard weight. A bag of slices usually contains 3 pieces and weighs approx. 35 grams..

Please read more about Honeysuckle elsewhere on our website.

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