December 2008

December 2008


  As you can see we have a lovely pair of sweethearts to greet you when you come to THE CAT HOUSE. In case you haven't met them yet they are Margarita and Gabriel the new shop cats at THE CAT HOUSE. (Lesley Anne and Buddy Guy crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" exactly two months apart in early 2007.) This is our first newsletter with Margarita and Gabriel in residence. These two cats really do love each other and get along so well that we will let them write the newsletter together, instead of taking turns the way Lesley Anne and Buddy Guy did.



  Hi- My name is Gabriel. My name keeps getting shortened to Gabe as in "our babe Gabe". Mom says I'm an angel that was sent to her.
 Hi - My name is Margarita... or at least it was. It keeps getting longer and longer. My complete name is now "Señorita Margarita Chiquita Sweeta".


  We've been here at THE CAT HOUSE for over a year now and have seen a lot of changes. Dad had a big operation at the hospital just across the highway from THE CAT HOUSE and now we don't see as much of him here at the store. Mom is always busy and she keeps finding new things to sell in the store. We can't quite believe that she finds the room to squeeze it all in.
  Our favorite improvements to the store include the new toy aisle and the Kitty Walk storage bunk. We now have over double the display space for toys. We call it "forty feet of fun". With more space for the Kitty Walk outdoor enclosures we get to help a lot of other kitties enjoy the outside safely.


Some of the new things we have at the store are:

 Pyramid beds,

  New towers and scratchers,

     Laurel Burch bags and mugs


                       Christmas T-shirts, and more!         



We know it's not a real live mouse but that erratic motion under the cloth sure keeps our hunting skills sharp. We love our Under Cover Mouse.

If you can't decide on what the purrfect gift would be we have gift certificates.
  Special Offer!
  Would you believe that you get everything in this photo for $10.00? Two small bags of Royal Canin cat food, a 500 piece puzzle, a $5.00 wand toy, a book on cat care and a wrist watch!
Stocking stuffers for people include: socks and scarves, pens, pins and earrings, note pads, key chains, playing cards, mittens, etc. If you're looking for stocking stuffers for your cats we have Honeysuckle catnip pouches, chirping feather balls, catnip cigars, honeysuckle chunks, spiced mice, etc.  
  Forget about the doom and gloom all over the media about the economy. Come and visit us at THE CAT HOUSE and go away happier. We are looking forward to seeing all our old friends and customers before Christmas. We have good parking close to store. We know about the parking because sometimes we get to go outside and walk on a leash. (Other times, we can't resist and try to get away with dashing out the door!)
  Please invite any of your cat loving friends to come to our store too. THE CAT HOUSE keeps getting busier and more fun all the time. When you come tell us something you remember from this newsletter and we'll give you a cat Christmas tree ornament for your Christmas tree. 
  MEOWY CHRISTMAS to all of you from
Margarita and Gabriel, Henry and Joanne and everyone else at THE CAT HOUSE

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