October 2005

October 2005

Welcome to October!

In case you didn’t know, it’s Fire Prevention Month, and as you can see, I’m on top of things, as usual.  Chief Buddy Guy at your service! Don’t forget to test your smoke detectors, change the batteries and check the charge on your fire extinguishers. Now would also be a good time to practice the family fire drill. It’s good to have a carrier for each cat in your household in case you ever have to evacuate your home. Also, remember that we sell special stickers for your doors that say “In case of fire, please save our pet(s):” the fire department will try to rescue your pets if they know they’re in there and it’s safe to do so.
Halloween Contest
Here are some photos that might inspire you to enter our Halloween costume contest. You can submit your photos either in person at the store or through e-mail (international submissions also welcomed.)
For costume idea you can try places like Teddy Bear Workshop (in Chinook Centre) and similar places throughout the city that sell plush animals in costumes.
Prizes have been generously offered by one of our suppliers, Mary Allan Pet Photography. Photographs and greeting cards of your pet can be made by Mary Allan Photography, for more information call 403-619-5620.
2005 Halloween Costume Contest Rules:
  • Submissions must be dropped off or e-mailed by October 31, 2005
  • Must be an original photo to which you own the rights
  • Digital editing is restricted to backgrounds and accessories, your cat must be wearing a costume… we may ask to see it.
  • All submissions accepted as long as your pet is being treated humanely.
  • All submissions give consent for THE CAT HOUSE to publish or use the photos in any CAT HOUSE publication or ad without further compensation. All other rights remain with photographer.
  • Submissions must be of a single cat with no other animal, or human.
Contest Categories:
•    Most sophisticated
•    Most ridiculous
•    Most colourful
•    Most original
•    Most feminine
•    Most masculine
•    Most historically accurate
•    Most intricate
•    Cutest
•    Most like a different animal
•    Best Movie theme
•    Best Hero theme    
Categories may be added or removed based on submissions.
All winning photos will be posted on our website.
Take a look at this!
Mary Allan Photography has generously donated prizes for the costume contest this year. I would like to take a moment to thank them and encourage you all to e-mail maryallan@shaw.ca and setup a pet photography appointment for you and yours! Here is a preview of some of their work:

Trick or TREAT!
If you’re looking for a goodie to put into your cat’s Halloween treat bag, you can pick up one of these little Halloween themed catnip toys at THE CAT HOUSE, mention that you read this month’s newsletter and we’ll give you one for free!
Community Events - Cat Show
Who: Southern Alberta Calgary Cat Fanciers
Where: Ogden Legion – 2625 78th Ave SE (Across from the Glenmore Inn)
When: Saturday & Sunday October 29-30th 2005 9am-6pm
Cost: $5/adult & $2/child or senior.
Flaming Fur Cat-a-strophe
(a preventative step)
Seeing as its fire safety month William (our computer guy from My Computer Hero) also wanted to pass on a tip to help you avoid a major Cat-a-strophe of your own. If you’re cat is like his Rosco (below), he loves to be around warm enclosed spaces, unfortunately, many computer desks fit this criteria. He wanted me to tell you to make sure you thoroughly de-fur the inside of your computer once every three months or more depending on how many animals you have and how dusty it is. It’s fairly simple; all you need is a can of compressed air and a vacuum.
Take the LEFT side panel off your computer (computer turned off of course) and have the computer in a nice open area. Use the compressed air to blow the dust/fur/hair out of all the crevices, fans and heat sinks in your computer while using the vacuum to catch the dust (don’t let the vacuum nozzle touch anything!). It’s also important that you don’t forget to do the power supply, the big metal box in the top rear of the computer. You don’t have to remove it, but make sure you thoroughly blow it out through every vent just to keep it clean. You will probably go through a whole can of air; it’s worth it as it impacts performance and longevity.
Fur build up has been known to overheat computer power supplies and cause house fires. It’s quickly becoming a problem as our computers get faster and hotter. It is also not a bad ideas to power down your computer (or use hibernate mode, not standby or sleep) when not in use to prevent a visit from the fire department while you’re away.
It’s also a good idea to do your VCR and DVD player to prevent your motor from burning out from fur build up like my Dad’s did. OUCH! That was an expensive bill.
Remember, it is quite simple to do, just keep in mind not to touch the vacuum nozzle to any components and do it every three of four months and you will be so much better off, oh yeah, and your computer will run a bit faster too!
Don’t forget the pumpkin!
If you carve a Cat-o-lantern this year, be sure to take a picture of it and send it to us so that we can include it next October’s newsletter. To round out our Halloween and fire safety newsletter, make sure to put the candles out in your Jack-o-lanterns and never leave them unattended. Be wary of the shell drying out as it is a fire hazard at that point as well.
From the www.calgary.ca website:
The City composts the leaves and pumpkins and uses the material to enrich the soil in City green spaces and at the Calgary Zoo. In 2004, Calgary residents dropped off 1.2 million kilograms of leaves and pumpkins. This year, the program has been extended to seven weeks starting September 24 and ending November 13. Bag your leaves and pumpkins and take them to one of the 33 drop-off locations in the city.
Finish with a flourish
Here is a line of Candle Lamps by master sculptor M. Peña which have been very well received. Mom thinks that they might have used me as a model for the three cat lamp. I don’t know about that, but they are stunning anyway you look at it

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