About Us


THE CAT HOUSE INC was a specialty store for cat lovers that opened in Calgary, Alberta in 1991. We stocked a wide assortment of decorative, practical, whimsical, classical and humorous cat-related gift items, as well as everything needed to care for or pamper a cat. Owned and operated by Joanne and Henry Wegiel, the store was a unique blend of a pet shop for cats and a gift shop for cat people. For over 24 years we had Canada's largest selection of cat related merchandise and each week we received numerous shipments, adding new products almost daily. We loved sharing our passion for cats and were renown for our customer service. THE CAT HOUSE was a  fun, energetic and informative place. It is truly missed by cat lovers in Calgary.

THE CAT HOUSE INC. likes to offer all the support we can to the Meow Foundation - a foundation for the adoption of abandoned cats. This Calgary charity's motto is Make Each One Wanted! We strongly support that message.

We also like to support the Cochrane & Area Humane Society. This shelter is where we adopted our shop cats and we are very appreciative of all the wonderful work they do for all kinds of animals.


THE CAT HOUSE INC. opened on August 1, 1991 and expanded several times as our selection and clientele grew:

  • 1991 - opened with just over 600 square feet.
  • 1994 - mail order catalogue #1 - 200 items.
  • 1995 - doubled our space and sent out our second mail order catalogue - 400 items.
  • 1996 - our third catalogue offered 800 different items.
  • 2000 - relocated our business to an even larger space, triple our original size.
  • 2001 - started a small informational website.
  • 2015 - fire destroys THE CAT HOUSE Inc. retail location along with 5 other local businesses in the same complex. Thankfully the shop's cats were saved!
  • 2017 - decided to restart our business online only and added eCommerce to our site. We will slowly add to our product selection. Please sign up for our email newsletter for updates.