16 June 2012

Yee-Haw! It's Stampede Season once again! Check out our Facebook page to read up on the cat-tacular Photo Contest! Here are some of the recent entrants all dressed up for our 2012 Stampede!

This week, our Facebook promo is "4 FREE catnip samples" with no purchase necessary. Come by anytime this week to get it.

Meet Minnie! Please "like" this photo if you think Minnie is a winner. And don't forget, you still have time to enter your photos.

Check out Inky, our next contestant for our Stampede Photo Contest. "Like" his photo if you think he is the winner!


Meet Indy, our third contestant for our Stampede Photo Contest. Do you think Indy should win? "Like" which photo you like best! The photos with the most "likes" win. Make sure to enter your cats, there is still plenty of time.

Here's Stampede Sam! Look how cute (nervous) he really is! Vote for Sam on our facebook page!


Remember, you can only enter by submitting your photos to our Facebook Page by the deadline, and keep those comments and Likes coming in! Share it with your friends/family!



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