Honeysuckle Catnip Burlap Bopper



This popular handmade burlap "bopper" cat toy contains natural honeysuckle wood sawdust and premium organic catnip. Cats love to hug it and beat it up.  

Sometimes when cats are feeling feisty or bored they will attack another cat in the household (or you!) just to use up some of their energy. We designed these toys to give your cats something to get rough with and enjoy working out their aggression. Boppers are made out of a tightly woven burlap material that is extremely durable and will survive all the biting and kicking your cat can give it. They are filled with polyester stuffing and contain 1/4 cup of Honeysuckle/catnip mix at both ends. The burlap fabric is made from dried plant materials which has a natural earthy scent that cats are attracted to. Boppers measure approximately 3" wide and 12" long.

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