March 2010

March 2010

Spring Cleaning

Margarita and Gabriel here, welcoming you once again to THE INK. We are terribly sorry we haven’t talked to you in a while, but we have been terribly busy at the store lately. We have been doing some spring cleaning of our shelves and storage room. You may have already noticed some of the changes to THE CAT HOUSE. Our shelves are much cleaner, and we even have a Clearance Shelf of some of the items we are trying to clear out. Come see these once-in-a-lifetime buys! Speaking of spring cleaning, we have some great items in the store that may help with your annual clean-up.


Fur Removal

 We know our fur gets everywhere and that it is a constant chore to clean it up. The nice people at THE CAT HOUSE recommend the FURemover™ brush. This electrostatic brush will clean up all that loose hair off your furniture. Just give it a quick wash afterwards and its ready to go for another round! We even love to be brushed with this wonder product.

We also carry Evercare Pet Hair Pick-Ups - in our opinion the best brand of sticky rollers available. We know they are the best because we keep getting customers coming back to THE CAT HOUSE to get them!

Stain Removal

Okay, so even the best of us have accidents occasionally. To remove the stains and odor we suggest Nature’s Miracle™. This non-toxic, organic cleaner works with the help of enzymes to clean up all types of pet messes, and neutralizes the scent as well. This means that kitty won’t come back to re-mark their area! If you are having problems finding out just where your cat has left their mess, just ask one of our handy staff about black lights. These will illuminate the mess just like on CSI. You can purchase or rent one here at THE CAT HOUSE.

Litter Cleanup

Mom is always telling customers how easy it is to clean our litter box using the Roll n’ Clean™ from Omega Paw. Just roll the box to scoop the litter, pull out the drawer to dispose of the mess, then roll it back and it’s ready to use! We have one in the store for our personal use, and the staff is very thankful.

 Pet Expo


When you are done with all that cleaning, come join us at the Pet Expo. THE CAT HOUSE will have a booth there showcasing all our best and most popular products! It is at Stampede Park, in the lower level of the Big 4 building.

Saturday, March 27, 2010 – 10am to 6pm,

Sunday, March 28, 2010 – 11am to 5 pm

Admission: Adults $9, Students/Seniors $7, Children under 12 FREE!

We will be having a very special giveaway at our booth, but only for those that come see us there!

Final Note

We are working very hard to make it so you can see our products on our website. We are working even harder to make so you can buy our products online! Please keep a look out for this in the near future. There have already been some small changes to our website, THE CAT HOUSE INC. Please remember to come by the store. Anyone who mentions the newsletter and asks for gets a free Bendy Pen will get one until the end of April. This is Gabriel and Margarita signing off. We look forward to talking to you again next month.

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