December 2005

December 2005

Buddy Guy's Christmas '05 Gift Guide

It’s hard to believe it’s been one year since our first newsletter. We’ve seen our readership numbers quadruple in that time and have received lots of positive feedback to date. In fact, if we’ve been late you’ve been coming into the store to ask when the next issue will be sent. It has been a pleasure and a lot of fun putting these together for you. We’ve really enjoyed the extra attention from mom as we dictate our monthly musings. Thank you so much for your support this year and hope we can make the newsletter an even better and more entertaining experience for you next year!

Round Cat Beds – Variety of materials, colours and sizes.
Lesley Anne and I get teased a lot about always being asleep in these beds on the
counter. They say the average cat sleeps 70% of the time. We figure we might as well make the bed as comfortable and cozy as possible, and a little style doesn’t hurt either. These are by far our best selling beds and we make most of them ourselves with love. They’ll keep your cat warm in more ways than one and most of the cat hair will be in one easy-to-clean place. They’re also machine washable.

Cat Furniture

Available in all sizes, colours and styles, we have a wide and diverse range of cat furniture. From pagodas, to towers, scratching posts to houses, you name it, we’ve got it and if we don’t we’ll get it custom made just for you.

All of our furniture is hand made by Canadian designers from all new material, using high quality carpet, plywood and pressboard (particleboard is not used due to latent fumes from the glue used) with reinforced bases for extra stability. Built to our exacting standards and thoroughly inspected by yours truly on delivery. Our furniture is sure to please any home, taste, style and most importantly, your cats.

We always have lots of furniture in stock, but keep in mind that if we don’t have what you want we can do a custom modification and or colour for you. Delivery and design times may vary depending on style and material availability.

Christmas is a popular time for customers to surprise their cats with a new scratching post or tower. If you are thinking of getting one, get it soon while selection is at its best. 

Pet Mate FreshFlow Purifying Water Fountain
Another popular item popular as a Christmas gift for cats (and dogs if you must), these water fountains are
an easy, attractive way to provide fresh, filtered water for your kitties. The constant movement of water prevents bacteria growth, adds oxygen and it cools naturally which attracts cats to drink more thus preventing several common health problems caused by cats not drinking enough water.

This ultra quiet fountain comes with a refillable reservoir and is available in 50oz and 100oz sizes and costs just pennies per month to power. 

Kitty Kaviar
If you haven’t tried Kitty Kaviar on your cats yet, just ask for a free sample the next time you’re in the store. I love giving them away because I get all the leftovers when we fill the sample containers! Kitty Kaviar is dried fish sliced into paper thin flakes. We hear again and again from our customers that even cats who don’t normally like treats, love Kitty Kaviar.  


Fresh from the harvest we have a wide selection (we have a wide selection of everything) of honeysuckle logs, slabs, slices and chunks. The perfect cat crazy toy, 100% all natural Alberta honeysuckle is very popular with most adult cats. Did you know that more cats respond to honeysuckle than catnip, and that THE CAT HOUSE was the first ever to market honeysuckle for cats? We hand harvest and choose only the best after going through a drying and sorting process. Here are some pictures of a recent harvest. Honeysuckle is available in many sizes and quantities as well as in a play pack designed for convenient gift giving and shipping anywhere in the world.

People Gifts

Don’t forget to start your Christmas shopping (if you haven’t already!) at THE CAT HOUSE as we have the best selection of cat related gift items in all of Canada!

Christmas Banners

Hanging a banner is a quick and easy way to add feline festivity to your home or office. They are safe to hang inside or outside, durable and bright. These colourful Christmas banners are always a popular item this time of year and are available in various sizes


We have mugs!
Here are a few of the many mugs we have in stock. From funny to artsy, chic to classic, cartoon to realistic, we have a mug for all types of people and occasions. This is a perfect gift for anyone on your list for the office or as a secret Santa gift.

Cat Decorations

Are you still looking for that unique ornament to hang from your tree this year? Come take a look at what we have in store. With a diverse selection of cat themed Christmas trimmings you’ll be sure to find one to please.

This Christmas have a cat in your tree that won’t require the fire department to take down!

These little kitties with the dangling legs are really cute sitting on your bookshelf, entertainment centre or mantle.



Cookie Jars
These cookie jars and salt & pepper shakers are both fun and stylish. Either set would fit into most décors, I’m sure you will appreciate and enjoy the care and attention that has gone into these hand painted, affordable pieces. I personally think that they would also make a great place to stash cat treats.

As you know, on December 4th, 2005, Lesley Anne and I awoke to find we had been sleeping on an island. We were high and dry on the sales desk but everywhere around us was icy cold water. The disaster cleanup crew estimated 10,000 gallons of water had spilled altogether. The water had come from the vacant video store next to us and was 4 inches deep over there. Thankfully our side was only flooded with 2 inches of water due to the wall separating the two businesses. We had a huge cleanup with the police and fire department assisting (thanks guys!) The flood was caused by broken water pipes in the unheated, vacant store next to us. Clean up has finished and the insurance company has been very helpful and cooperative. Through all this we didn’t close and have managed to carry on as usual (mostly.) Thankfully very little stock was damaged and we’re ready for you to come Christmas shopping!

Here are some pictures taken on that soggy day. The fire department had to cut through the door in the adjacent businesses to turn off the water before they began pumping water out of THE CAT HOUSE.

Signing Off
Thank you again for being for being part of THE CATHOUSE this year. We’ve seen positive growth in the store and have been able to bring in a bigger product selection for you, our customers. 2006 marks our 15th year in business and we’re excited to celebrate this milestone with you. Who knows what the future will bring? We have dreams and plans to continue improving THE CAT HOUSE. Please keep an eye out for more information about our anniversary celebrations in the coming year. 


We look forward to welcoming you in the store as you do your Christmas shopping (after all, my job description does include public relations.) Remember to ask for your free Christmas gift from under our tree!


Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Buddy Guy, Lesley Anne &


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