13 April 2012

It's a special day for all of us here at THE CAT HOUSE! Most of you probably know who Angela is, and that's because she's now worked at the store for 16 YEARS! Congrats to an impressive milestone and we look forward to many more with her around!


Be sure to catch us at The CAT SHOW tomorrow at the Shouldice Arena in Bowness on Saturday, April 21 from 9-5PM, and get a free gift while you're there!


Cutest birdhouses ever! Can you imagine? Living inside a giant cat? ($50)

New Bearington baby collection.

Rattle ($8)

Small white rattle cat ($10)

Snuggle blanket ($20)

Lullaby cat ($36)

Get your catnip/honeysuckle ice cream cone toys for FREE when you spend $40 or more this week only at the CAT HOUSE! Wristlets are making a comeback! Great gift idea ($15)


"Mandela and Sheba trying out their new post. Thank you, Cat House! And thanks to all who "liked" their easter photos!"

- Cecelia K.

Thank you for participating in our Easter Photo contest Cecelia! We hope the kitties enjoy their beautiful new post! What an awesome way to relax and keep watch out the window at the same time!


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