Honeysuckle Wood Stick 160g



Most cats derive extreme pleasure through their sense of smell when presented with this natural treat. More cats respond to Honeysuckle wood than to catnip.

Honeysuckle wood is very attractive to cats through their sense of smell. Most cats will respond to it by hugging it, rubbing their face on it and licking it. Once you have determined that your cat likes this completely natural treat, then the bigger the better... the more for them to love. Unlike lumber that is cut to standard dimensions, each piece of  Honeysuckle wood is unique in size and shape. We price our pieces by taking in to account thickness, length, appearance, and weight.  We may throw in a chunk of wood with your stick or post to ensure that you are getting full value and to give you a chance to pass on a little piece of pleasure to a friend's cat.

Honeysuckle will keep it's potency for many years. We have had many customers tell us their cats are still enjoying the same piece of wood after 10-15 years. Our own cats have pieces even older that they still go to and drool on and hug. A few times a year remember to wash your cat's honeysuckle pieces - after all they have been licked and played with on the floor, so they should be rinsed off once in a while. If it seems that the piece of honeysuckle is losing it's appeal, just take a knife and carefully scrape  the cut end of the honeysuckle piece until you see flakes of sawdust. This will expose a fresh wood surface that will be more attractive to your cat. Most adult cats respond to honeysuckle wood, but few kittens under the age of about 10 months do.

We have had two independent scientific researchers confirm how cats respond to Honeysuckle wood. Cats become very mellow and drool when given Honeysuckle, a different response than to catnip. If your cat doesn't respond right away when given Honeysuckle, just wet the end with a few drops of water. We learned this by observing many cats get even more excited with the wood after their own drool wet the wood!

Please read more about Honeysuckle wood elsewhere on our website.

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