August 2005

August 2005
Buddy Guy Sunbathing
Hot Days of Summer
This month’s theme is about being hot. We’ve all had a long hot (wet), busy summer. With people coming and going, family visiting, vacations, etc, etc. I have to tell ya, the heat has been getting to me and I’m taking 12 naps a day instead of 10, even the Diva (Lesley Anne) is too hot to do much.
We’re 14!
In 1991 when we opened THE CAT HOUSE cat lovers were delighted! There were many sceptics however that questioned whether a store like ours could survive. We are happy to announce that August 1st will be our 14th Anniversary in business and we continue to grow! Come into the store during the month of August,  remember to ask for your anniversary gift! A free Synergy Sachet!
Kudos for the Kudos
Lesley Anne and I really enjoy receiving your e-mails, especially the ones that tell us how much you enjoy our newsletters. Many of you have even told us you forward them to your friends and family, thank you so much! We are truly flattered.
Here’s what some of you are saying:
“Thank you so much for these emails!!!  Please don't stop sending them!!!  They are sooooo cute and informative!  Have a GREAT day!!”  - Jo C.
“I've always known cats were clever, but Lesley Anne, you have written a very catchy letter.  I hope to be in soon to see all the cute stuff you have.” -Jana J
“I really enjoy your newsletter, and look forward to them each month. Keep them coming! Thanks.” –Doris
HoneysuckleBuddy Guy Cuddling some Honeysuckle
You have to give it to our farmers who after all this are entering harvest time. Speaking of harvesting, if you know of anyone harvesting or cutting down honeysuckle, tell them to call my Mom and Dad. They would be more than happy to come out and do all the work cutting down the honeysuckle and even give you a gift certificate to THE CAT HOUSE in exchange for the wood.
 If I want fun, I have my honeysuckle, man I love that stuff. Of course, this is the perfect time to tell you about “THE CAT HOUSE Brand/Honeysuckle Play Package”.
The play package contains:
1 Package of Honeysuckle Slices, approx. 40grams (Retail $6.00)
1 Package of Honeysuckle Slabs, approx. 80grams (Retail $8.00)
3 Synergy Sachets (Honeysuckle/Catnip refillable pouches) (Retail $3.50 each)
This is enough for 3 cats to have a wonderful time. All this for only $25!
If you prefer, you can order any multiple of the above, as long as it fits the minimum $25 order requirement. ($6.00 S&H anywhere in North America)
If you come into the store during the month of August, mention the newsletter and ask for your free Synergy Sachet!
What disaster has your feline friend caused, survived, or both? Cat-astrophes is a new monthly section where we will publish the best reader submitted stories of purrrfect daring and danger. Tell us how your paw pals have forsaken one (or more) of their nine precious lives. (Due to the nature of our newsletter, not all stories can be published, but we thank you for your entries.)
Here’s a Cat-astrophe told by our computer hero ( about his first cat, Smokey:
“Smokey was my first cat, I called him such because his fur was a pure grey such that he looked like smoke. I loved him to death. However, Smokey had an addiction. Not only was he fond of using my mothers 3 foot floor stereo speakers as a scratching post, but he had an affinity for the wires that lead into them. I don’t know how many times we had to repair the stereo wires because my beloved cat had chewed through them, but it wasn’t long after that a permanent solution was discovered.
“I recall one day coming home from school with my mother to find the house stinking of burnt hair. It turns out that our beloved friend in this story had moved up to a higher grade of wire and chewed into the power cord of the TV giving himself a nice little shock and living up to his name. He never went near those speakers again.”

My mom wants to point that you can help your cat from meeting a similar fate by coating wires with “Bitter Apple” solution. We have some in the store designed for this purpose.

MEOW Foundation Update!
We've heard that the MEOW Foundation is a little full, with 105 cats currently in their care we wanted to remind those of you looking to add another friendly feline to your family to take a look at their website first at We hope these cats can find a good home soon!

M.E.O.W. is also having it's first annual Used Book, CD, DVD, Video Sale at Calgary Animal Services (2201 Portland St SE) during the weekend of Auguest 27-28th from 10am-4pm. We hope to see you there! If you would like to donate to the sale, you can drop off your donations at THE CAT HOUSE or call 230-6033 ext 3.


I’m exhausted. Quality control is a hard job you know. I’m going for a nap, see you next time.G'night!
Buddy Guy
Quality Control Officer

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