19 November 2011

This week, all Facebook friends get these cozy gloves for $5 off. They are super warm and the paw design is adorable. Just tell us you like us on Facebook to get this deal anytime during the next week!

How adorable is this for Chrismas? Only $12.50. The purrfect gift for yourself or the special cat lover in your life!

Oh no, we've been caught!

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8 November 2011

Margarita sure loves our catnip puppets. For only $5, your cats will too!

Gabriel and Margarita - Sleeping in a (cat)tree...

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4 November 2011

Spend $20 and get a burlap bopper for only $10 instead of $15. These are one of our most popular toys. Your cat will go crazy for the honeysuckle and premium catnip. Mention that you like us on Facebook and get this great deal!

This weeks Facebook promo! Mention that you like us on Facebook, or print this page and get a free bug toy with any purchase of $20 or more. Cats go crazy for these quick paced insects, available in a variety of fun colours!


Do you know that we do mail orders for our out of towners? Its as easy as a phone call away! Call us at 403-CAT-CATS.

Kitties are a furball of fun and cuteness, and this one's no different!

Cats? Inspirational? You can bet your week's worth of chow they are!

This week, we are getting all new shelving units for our food and litter section. It looks a bit messy right now, but it will be worth it when its done.

As a parting Hurrah!, in case you've been living under a rock the past few years, here's the famous Youtube kitty Maru from Japan! He's always updating with new acts so be sure to check in on him from time to time.

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2 November 2011

Get Ready for our Customer Appreciation Day on Novemeber 12th! We will have coffee, snacks, and presents. We will also be doing our draw for our twenty fabulous prizes in celebrate of 20 years in business. Make sure to come in and enter as you don't want to miss out.

Margarita loves to try out all the new furniture when it comes in.



Gabriel looks very handsome in his necktie.

Check out our popular cat nip puppets. They are only $5 each and you can get awesome characters such as Spiderman, Batman, and The Hulk. Playing with these puny puppets sure gives us a nice ego boost! 

Some of our friends are beginning to watch their waistlines *looks at Gabe* These cats should try our food maze. Cats enjoy the challenge of getting the food out and you can change it from easy to more difficult. Just $30 paw-llars.


Just got a new shipment of pet grass. $3.50 for this tasty treat. Winter is coming so give us a bit of summer with these.







Can you believe Mom and Dad will be GIVING this out as the grand prize for our draw on November 12th? I better make good use of this while I can!

Margarita sure is a good mouser - she's caught 59 so far this year!

Okay, I think we've had a long day of sleeping around the store and playing, time to rest! Bye!

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3 May 2011

Hello Cat Lovers, heres this weeks twitter deal: Get 2 Nekochen wand toy attachments and a wand for only $25!!! This years hottest toy!!!

Follow us on Twitter at THECATHOUSEINC!

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19 April 2011

Hello Cat lovers, this is you loving cat house kitties Gabriel and Margarita! We've finally gone high tech. Friend us for the latest deals!

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October 2010

October 2010


                           Long Time, No See!

Hello to all of you, Margarita and Gabriel here. It’s been a while since we put out a newsletter. After you hear how we've been enjoying ourselves outdoors hopefully you will understand why. We have been very busy this summer. On our twice daily supervised walk in the park and boulevard alongside THE CAT HOUSE we discovered MICE! We became very involved (some use the word obsessed) with hunting them - successfully getting 38. We were featured recently on Global News for our great mouse hunting skills. We would like to give a big Thank You to Gil Tucker for coming to see us and to loyal customer Valerie Nemeth for telling him all about us. You can see the story at: Global TV. Anyone who mentions this story or newsletter gets two free mice, one from each of us. (Don’t worry, they aren’t real ones.)


Come check out some cute outfits to dress your kitty up for Halloween such as our Caped Crusader costume. Your cat can be a debonair duke for this year’s festivities. We also carry hats and other fun clothes to dress them up in. Remember, to dress a cat up properly, you need to get really creative.

THE CAT HOUSE also carries some great Halloween cat items to decorate your house with.


Halloween Cat Show

It's show time again. Here's your chance to see over 100 show cats of many different breeds.
Kitties n Brooms
Annual Fall Championship and
Household Pet Cat Show
October 30 & 31, 2010

Admission: $5 Adults and $2 for children 12 and under and seniors.
Royal Canadian Legion, Ogden Branch #154 at 2625 - 78th Avenue SE, Calgary, AB


The show hall is wheel chair accessible. Ample free parking is available at the show hall. Entrance is on the parking lot side of the building DONT FORGET TO MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR APRIL 16 & 17, 2011 for the next Cat Show! (Location to be announced later).

New Toys

We have some wonderful new toys in from Nekochan called Neko Flies. These are wand toys that come with several different attachments for hours of playful fun. These are excellent interactive toys that your cats will love to chase, swat and pounce on. Each kit comes with a wand and an attachment and you can buy other attachments separately.

Each hand-crafted toy mimics life-like prey movements when you use them. This will appeal to your cats hunting instinct and create hours of bonding fun. They are durable, safe and got THE CAT HOUSE stamp of approval when Margarita couldn’t destroy one of them despite hours of trying. Mom is so impressed with these toys she even sent a glowing review to the creator telling them how just about everyone who buys one of these toys comes back to buy another one. Customers want their cats to experience the different types of attachments, and they're purchasing them as gifts for other cats.

Cooler Weather Coming


As the weather turns colder our thoughts go out the stray cats living outside. Please remember that the temperature outdoors could plummet any day. If you are aware of any homeless or feral cats please do what you can to get them some sustenance and shelter. If you would like a list of the local rescue organizations, contact us, and we will gladly send it to you. It is important to watch out for each other.



Time to Go

Well, it’s time for us to go. We are off to catch a few more mice, or some more snuggles. We hope to talk to you again real soon. You should come by the store and visit us sometime.

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March 2010

March 2010

Spring Cleaning

Margarita and Gabriel here, welcoming you once again to THE INK. We are terribly sorry we haven’t talked to you in a while, but we have been terribly busy at the store lately. We have been doing some spring cleaning of our shelves and storage room. You may have already noticed some of the changes to THE CAT HOUSE. Our shelves are much cleaner, and we even have a Clearance Shelf of some of the items we are trying to clear out. Come see these once-in-a-lifetime buys! Speaking of spring cleaning, we have some great items in the store that may help with your annual clean-up.


Fur Removal

 We know our fur gets everywhere and that it is a constant chore to clean it up. The nice people at THE CAT HOUSE recommend the FURemover™ brush. This electrostatic brush will clean up all that loose hair off your furniture. Just give it a quick wash afterwards and its ready to go for another round! We even love to be brushed with this wonder product.

We also carry Evercare Pet Hair Pick-Ups - in our opinion the best brand of sticky rollers available. We know they are the best because we keep getting customers coming back to THE CAT HOUSE to get them!

Stain Removal

Okay, so even the best of us have accidents occasionally. To remove the stains and odor we suggest Nature’s Miracle™. This non-toxic, organic cleaner works with the help of enzymes to clean up all types of pet messes, and neutralizes the scent as well. This means that kitty won’t come back to re-mark their area! If you are having problems finding out just where your cat has left their mess, just ask one of our handy staff about black lights. These will illuminate the mess just like on CSI. You can purchase or rent one here at THE CAT HOUSE.

Litter Cleanup

Mom is always telling customers how easy it is to clean our litter box using the Roll n’ Clean™ from Omega Paw. Just roll the box to scoop the litter, pull out the drawer to dispose of the mess, then roll it back and it’s ready to use! We have one in the store for our personal use, and the staff is very thankful.

 Pet Expo


When you are done with all that cleaning, come join us at the Pet Expo. THE CAT HOUSE will have a booth there showcasing all our best and most popular products! It is at Stampede Park, in the lower level of the Big 4 building.

Saturday, March 27, 2010 – 10am to 6pm,

Sunday, March 28, 2010 – 11am to 5 pm

Admission: Adults $9, Students/Seniors $7, Children under 12 FREE!

We will be having a very special giveaway at our booth, but only for those that come see us there!

Final Note

We are working very hard to make it so you can see our products on our website. We are working even harder to make so you can buy our products online! Please keep a look out for this in the near future. There have already been some small changes to our website, THE CAT HOUSE INC. Please remember to come by the store. Anyone who mentions the newsletter and asks for gets a free Bendy Pen will get one until the end of April. This is Gabriel and Margarita signing off. We look forward to talking to you again next month.

Come join us on our Facebook page at!/group.php?gid=198251722859&ref=mf

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December 2009

December 2009


Hi there, Gabriel & Margarita here and its Christmas time at THE CAT HOUSE . We are sure you will love filling your Christmas stockings and putting our unique presents under the tree. We have some great suggestions for you, or you could ask out helpful staff; they are always ready to help. Remember, if you have a person who is particularly hard to buy for, you can always get them a Cat House Gift Certificate!


We have all sorts of great ornaments for the tree. Most of them are kitty safe, so you can hang them as low as you like on the tree. We also have some great decorations for the house to make your Christmas purrr-fect!



  Do you have a Yule time card list that is mile long? We have all sorts of Holiday themed cards, and we even have books where you can keep track of whom you sent cards to and whom you have received them from.





For the Cook

Do you have a cook in the family? They would just love these great pot holders. We also have some pretty kitchen towels and some cute little timers that would fulfill all their Christmas wishes.



For the Computer Geek

Is there a person in your life obsessed with computers AND cats? Get them a mouse pad. We have some that come with a coaster, or you can get one immortalizing the former shop cat, Buddy Guy. We never met Buddy Guy, but he must have been very loved judging by the way people speak of him.

For the Collector

Know someone who is missing a bear or bunny from their Ty© Collection? Come on by and take a look at our shelves. We have an assortment of retired Ty© beanies. We won’t be ordering any more of these, so come get them now. Once they are gone, they are GONE!!!


For the Cats!!!

Don’t forget your Feline friends this Holiday! We have great handmade items that your fuzzy friend will love. We know, because so do we! We have these comfy, warm beds, great tiger tail with catnip in tem, and burlap boppers filled with catnip that can be kicked all day!

Other Stuff!!!

We have all sorts of other stuff that would make great Christmas presents, and not nearly enough space to tell you about them all! Come by the store to visit us, tell us you received a newsletter and get TWO free paw print ornaments. We would be glad to show all the other great gifts you can buy in our store.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Margarita, Gabriel, and all the staff at THE CAT HOUSE.

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November 2009


With the onset of winter, we don’t want to become bored here at the Cat House. That icky, wet, white stuff called “snow” has already fallen, and it will soon keep us inside. We have a few things to help keep kitties (and humans) warm and cozy.



We love these Pagodas from the Catman. There is plenty of room to climb, and a little house to sit in. There is even a little dangly thing to play with. They come 6 feet tall, or 4 feet tall, and in different colors. We can even get some with a “bark-look” on the posts. The two curves on the top of the house provide perfect beds for both of us to sleep in. Mom keeps lots of other furniture in stock or she can get you a quote for a custom order of your own design!



You have probably heard that some kitties like to watch TV. We have these Cat Sitter DVDs in stock and they are awesome! Hours of TV fun for you and your feline friends. There are birds, butterflies, chipmunks and fish to watch. With the continuous loop function, this could keep any kitty happy all day! We have Volume 1, 2 and 3 in stock, DVDs as well as some VHS copies.




Sometimes, when the snow starts to fly, all you want to do is stay inside. This new game we got in called the Crazy Cat Lady Game will help your people fill those long, cold winter nights. Mom has tried this board game, and thinks its lots of fun. We hope you enjoy playing it too!


Our final item is to keep the people in your life happy and warm in this cold weather. We just got the Warm Buddies Mitts in again. They were such a hit last year we had trouble keeping them in stock. They come in one size, in black or brown, and they are fuzzy inside and out! Some people think they make thier hands look like kitty paws.


Last Note

 Don’t forget to come see us at the Calgary Art Market and Craft Show on November 19-22. The Cat House will be there for the first time ever and selling all sorts of hand made toys and beds. The show hours are as follows:

Thursday, Nov. 19/09, 10am to 9pm,
Friday, Nov. 20/09, 10am to 9pm
Saturday, Nov. 21/09, 10am to 6pm,
and Sunday, Nov. 22/09, 10am to 5pm.
Prices are: Adults $9.00, Seniors/ Students $6.00.
Pay once and return every day free! Note: Tickets are available only at the door.
Come by the store and get a coupon for $2 of admission!

Any one who mentions this issue on their next visit to the store will get a free honeysuckle and catnip toy. Next issue we will feature all sorts of Christmas goodies. Remember, everyone has a cat lover on their list!

Goodbye for now, and remember….take care of each other!

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