October 2009

October 2009

Margarita and Gabriel

Hi – It’s been a while since we sent a newsletter but here we are again. We wanted to tell you about a few new products at THE CAT HOUSE and to let you know about the upcoming cat show.

Cat Show

Put on by our friends with the Southern Alberta Calgary Cat Fanciers.

Annual Halloween
"Back to Back" Show
Please join us at Ogden Legion for our two day ~ 8 Ring Championship Cat, Household Pet Extravaganza

Show Dates: October 24th & 25th, 2009
Show Times:: 9 am to 6 pm
Admission Prices: Adults $5 and children (12 and under) and Seniors $2.
Show Hall:
Ogden Legion, 2625 - 78th Avenue SE. Show hall access is at back of the facility. Food and beverage services provided.

Halloween Costumes

Mom not only puts hats on us, she has been dressing us up in Halloween Costumes too. You should come and see all the outfits we have available.

New In Store

There is this great new toy, the Cat-it Senses Play Circuit. There is a ball in a tube, with holes that we can stick our paws into. We love it! Even people like to play with this toy. Mom orders them by the carton full since they are so popular.




Good Behaviour Collars?!

 Would you believe there is such a thing? We’re so good they haven’t had to use them on us but customers keep coming back for them and say that they really work. The Good Behaviour Pheromone Collar emits this pheromone that helps calm kitties who get separation anxiety, meow excessively, or have destructive behaviour. Hey, we know it can be tough out there with trips to the vets, surprise house guests or new furry friends being introduced to your world. This is something that can help ease the stress in life.

Cat Toilet Training 

This is the Litter Kwitter, which can be used to train kitties to use the toilet. We’re happy with our litter box, thanks, but we know that sometimes people will do anything they can to not have to clean litter boxes. Mom says that in the 18 years she’s been operating THE CAT HOUSE this is the best litter training kit she’s seen.



Art Market 

For the first time ever we will be participating at the Calgary Art Market and Craft Show! Come see our wonderful, handmade cat toys. We have old favourites, as well as some new inventions. One of the toys we will have at the Art Market is called Nip Knits. These crazy knitted figures are filled with high quality catnip for hours of fun! Anyone who comes to THE CAT HOUSE and mentions this newsletter before December 1st, 2009 will get a free Nip Knit. We will also have discount coupons for entry to the Art Market available on your next visit to our store.

Calgary Art Market and Craft Show

Dates: November 19 - 22, 2009, Calgary Teuls Convention Center 136 - 8 Ave. S.E.

Hours: Thursday, November 19, 2009, 10am to 9pm; Friday, November 20, 2009, 10am to 9pm; Saturday, November 21, 2009, 10am to 6pm; Sunday, November 22, 2009, 10am to 5 pm.

Prices: Adults $9.00, Seniors/Students $6.00. Pay once, return everyday for free! Note: Tickets only available at the door.


We hope you’re happy to hear from us. We love it when you come to visit us. Please visit soon. Bye for now – Gabriel and Margarita!

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December 2008

December 2008


  As you can see we have a lovely pair of sweethearts to greet you when you come to THE CAT HOUSE. In case you haven't met them yet they are Margarita and Gabriel the new shop cats at THE CAT HOUSE. (Lesley Anne and Buddy Guy crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" exactly two months apart in early 2007.) This is our first newsletter with Margarita and Gabriel in residence. These two cats really do love each other and get along so well that we will let them write the newsletter together, instead of taking turns the way Lesley Anne and Buddy Guy did.



  Hi- My name is Gabriel. My name keeps getting shortened to Gabe as in "our babe Gabe". Mom says I'm an angel that was sent to her.
 Hi - My name is Margarita... or at least it was. It keeps getting longer and longer. My complete name is now "Señorita Margarita Chiquita Sweeta".


  We've been here at THE CAT HOUSE for over a year now and have seen a lot of changes. Dad had a big operation at the hospital just across the highway from THE CAT HOUSE and now we don't see as much of him here at the store. Mom is always busy and she keeps finding new things to sell in the store. We can't quite believe that she finds the room to squeeze it all in.
  Our favorite improvements to the store include the new toy aisle and the Kitty Walk storage bunk. We now have over double the display space for toys. We call it "forty feet of fun". With more space for the Kitty Walk outdoor enclosures we get to help a lot of other kitties enjoy the outside safely.


Some of the new things we have at the store are:

 Pyramid beds,

  New towers and scratchers,

     Laurel Burch bags and mugs


                       Christmas T-shirts, and more!         



We know it's not a real live mouse but that erratic motion under the cloth sure keeps our hunting skills sharp. We love our Under Cover Mouse.

If you can't decide on what the purrfect gift would be we have gift certificates.
  Special Offer!
  Would you believe that you get everything in this photo for $10.00? Two small bags of Royal Canin cat food, a 500 piece puzzle, a $5.00 wand toy, a book on cat care and a wrist watch!
Stocking stuffers for people include: socks and scarves, pens, pins and earrings, note pads, key chains, playing cards, mittens, etc. If you're looking for stocking stuffers for your cats we have Honeysuckle catnip pouches, chirping feather balls, catnip cigars, honeysuckle chunks, spiced mice, etc.  
  Forget about the doom and gloom all over the media about the economy. Come and visit us at THE CAT HOUSE and go away happier. We are looking forward to seeing all our old friends and customers before Christmas. We have good parking close to store. We know about the parking because sometimes we get to go outside and walk on a leash. (Other times, we can't resist and try to get away with dashing out the door!)
  Please invite any of your cat loving friends to come to our store too. THE CAT HOUSE keeps getting busier and more fun all the time. When you come tell us something you remember from this newsletter and we'll give you a cat Christmas tree ornament for your Christmas tree. 
  MEOWY CHRISTMAS to all of you from
Margarita and Gabriel, Henry and Joanne and everyone else at THE CAT HOUSE
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July 2006

July 2006
Lesley Anne posing with

Holy Mackerel! There’s Something Fishy Going On Next Door
Have you heard? Billingsgate Fish Market has closed their well-known downtown Calgary location and is now located at the Stadium Shopping Centre, right beside THE CAT HOUSE! Did you know that at one point, Billingsgate Fish Market and Bon Ton Meat Market were next-door neighbours? Don’t you think it’s purrfect that they are neighbours again here at the Stadium Shopping Centre? Both a fish market and a meat shop located so close to a cat store - have you ever heard of anything so meowvelous?

Billingsgate has been in business for 99 years and has been owned continually by the same family - now fourth generation, if you can imagine. And I’m pleased to report that Billingsgate has supported the Calgary Humane Society in different ways over the years. By the way, have any of you been to see the new Calgary Humane Society shelter that just recently opened?  Mom is going to visit it soon and will report on it to you.

Naturally Buddy Guy was making a downright nuisance of himself during construction of Billingsgate. Every time the workers had the door propped open for fresh air, he was in there checking the place out.  He must have thought there was already fish in there the way he was searching around.  I still haven’t managed to make him understand that the fish we sell here at THE CAT HOUSE is better for cats. Don’t forget that we offer each of our customers a free tin of Nutro Max Cat Gourmet Classics food each month.  Some of the incredible free fish dinners we offer for all of my fellow felines include Alaskan Halibut, Seafood and Tomato Bisque, Salmon and Whitefish and Orleans Seafood Jambalaya.  Come down and check it out – at THE CAT HOUSE INC, there really is such a thing as a free lunch.  Which brings me to the topic of free breakfasts.  Read on.

Stampede Breakfasts

These events aren’t really for me but I do know what’s popular, so I know a lot of you need to know where you can find all the details about free Stampede breakfasts.  Be sure to sure to check out for a free listing of events throughout Calgary and area.  You can get your fill of pancakes no matter where you are.  If you know of an event going on that’s not listed, please submit it to their site.  When it comes to food, more choices are always better, you know.  Have fun, and happy Stampeding. Meow-hoo!   Here’s a photo of a little CAT HOUSE float we had in the Calgary Stampede Parade for our 10th anniversary.   Would you believe that this year is our 15th Anniversary?

Staff Comings and Goings
We’re welcoming two new people to our staff - Cecile and Brenna have joined us, and are already doing a fabulous job adoring me.  But then, everyone does:  they can’t help it. We’ve lost one long time servant for me in the store: Jobien has retired after many years with us.  Thankfully  Angela is still with us…as a matter of fact she just recently celebrated her tenth anniversary at THE CAT HOUSE.  I know this will be hard to believe, as young as I look, but I’ve been here the longest – going on fifteen years. Why, without me, the store wouldn’t be celebrating its 15th anniversary on August 1st, 2006! Watch for our big anniversary sale throughout August.

Cochrane Humane Society Update 
Once again Mum said I HAVE to mention Buddy Guy’s T-shirt. We’ve sold hundreds of them in support of the building fund for a new shelter. Construction will begin very soon now that they’ve raised about  1.4 million dollars..  And you, my loyal and generous fans, can help by purchasing one of these awesome western themed t-shirts or dropping loose change in our collection barrel when you come in to the store to visit me.  Remember – they also appreciate Canadian Tire Money.

In The News

Recently our honeysuckle wood was written up in the New York newspaper Newsday and has since been reprinted in newspapers as far away as Texas and Florida.  Our honeysuckle has even become popular with some zoos and may be studied further by yet another researcher trying to unlock the mystery of this unique wood’s magical attraction for cats.  Even my large relatives at Calgary’s world renowned zoo have gotten into the act.  Keep watching as we keep you updated about the expanding buzz this product is creating.

Party Time!
We just got in a whole selection of cat themed party supplies, invitations, straws, hats, napkins, paper plates, gift bags, and more. Come take a look. There’s nothing cooler than the image of a cat in sunglasses don’t you think.  Especially when it’s ME!

Gift Of The Month
Come in to the store this month and ask for your very own Critter Ball! These colourful spiky, bouncy, balls are great for cats who like picking up and batting around little movable objects.

We're Done Here
Well it’s time for another little summer siesta.  I will talk to you soon my friends: see you in the store!  If you’re lucky I’ll even share my private fan with you.

Lesley Anne

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December 2005

December 2005

Buddy Guy's Christmas '05 Gift Guide

It’s hard to believe it’s been one year since our first newsletter. We’ve seen our readership numbers quadruple in that time and have received lots of positive feedback to date. In fact, if we’ve been late you’ve been coming into the store to ask when the next issue will be sent. It has been a pleasure and a lot of fun putting these together for you. We’ve really enjoyed the extra attention from mom as we dictate our monthly musings. Thank you so much for your support this year and hope we can make the newsletter an even better and more entertaining experience for you next year!

Round Cat Beds – Variety of materials, colours and sizes.
Lesley Anne and I get teased a lot about always being asleep in these beds on the
counter. They say the average cat sleeps 70% of the time. We figure we might as well make the bed as comfortable and cozy as possible, and a little style doesn’t hurt either. These are by far our best selling beds and we make most of them ourselves with love. They’ll keep your cat warm in more ways than one and most of the cat hair will be in one easy-to-clean place. They’re also machine washable.

Cat Furniture

Available in all sizes, colours and styles, we have a wide and diverse range of cat furniture. From pagodas, to towers, scratching posts to houses, you name it, we’ve got it and if we don’t we’ll get it custom made just for you.

All of our furniture is hand made by Canadian designers from all new material, using high quality carpet, plywood and pressboard (particleboard is not used due to latent fumes from the glue used) with reinforced bases for extra stability. Built to our exacting standards and thoroughly inspected by yours truly on delivery. Our furniture is sure to please any home, taste, style and most importantly, your cats.

We always have lots of furniture in stock, but keep in mind that if we don’t have what you want we can do a custom modification and or colour for you. Delivery and design times may vary depending on style and material availability.

Christmas is a popular time for customers to surprise their cats with a new scratching post or tower. If you are thinking of getting one, get it soon while selection is at its best. 

Pet Mate FreshFlow Purifying Water Fountain
Another popular item popular as a Christmas gift for cats (and dogs if you must), these water fountains are
an easy, attractive way to provide fresh, filtered water for your kitties. The constant movement of water prevents bacteria growth, adds oxygen and it cools naturally which attracts cats to drink more thus preventing several common health problems caused by cats not drinking enough water.

This ultra quiet fountain comes with a refillable reservoir and is available in 50oz and 100oz sizes and costs just pennies per month to power. 

Kitty Kaviar
If you haven’t tried Kitty Kaviar on your cats yet, just ask for a free sample the next time you’re in the store. I love giving them away because I get all the leftovers when we fill the sample containers! Kitty Kaviar is dried fish sliced into paper thin flakes. We hear again and again from our customers that even cats who don’t normally like treats, love Kitty Kaviar.  


Fresh from the harvest we have a wide selection (we have a wide selection of everything) of honeysuckle logs, slabs, slices and chunks. The perfect cat crazy toy, 100% all natural Alberta honeysuckle is very popular with most adult cats. Did you know that more cats respond to honeysuckle than catnip, and that THE CAT HOUSE was the first ever to market honeysuckle for cats? We hand harvest and choose only the best after going through a drying and sorting process. Here are some pictures of a recent harvest. Honeysuckle is available in many sizes and quantities as well as in a play pack designed for convenient gift giving and shipping anywhere in the world.

People Gifts

Don’t forget to start your Christmas shopping (if you haven’t already!) at THE CAT HOUSE as we have the best selection of cat related gift items in all of Canada!

Christmas Banners

Hanging a banner is a quick and easy way to add feline festivity to your home or office. They are safe to hang inside or outside, durable and bright. These colourful Christmas banners are always a popular item this time of year and are available in various sizes


We have mugs!
Here are a few of the many mugs we have in stock. From funny to artsy, chic to classic, cartoon to realistic, we have a mug for all types of people and occasions. This is a perfect gift for anyone on your list for the office or as a secret Santa gift.

Cat Decorations

Are you still looking for that unique ornament to hang from your tree this year? Come take a look at what we have in store. With a diverse selection of cat themed Christmas trimmings you’ll be sure to find one to please.

This Christmas have a cat in your tree that won’t require the fire department to take down!

These little kitties with the dangling legs are really cute sitting on your bookshelf, entertainment centre or mantle.



Cookie Jars
These cookie jars and salt & pepper shakers are both fun and stylish. Either set would fit into most décors, I’m sure you will appreciate and enjoy the care and attention that has gone into these hand painted, affordable pieces. I personally think that they would also make a great place to stash cat treats.

As you know, on December 4th, 2005, Lesley Anne and I awoke to find we had been sleeping on an island. We were high and dry on the sales desk but everywhere around us was icy cold water. The disaster cleanup crew estimated 10,000 gallons of water had spilled altogether. The water had come from the vacant video store next to us and was 4 inches deep over there. Thankfully our side was only flooded with 2 inches of water due to the wall separating the two businesses. We had a huge cleanup with the police and fire department assisting (thanks guys!) The flood was caused by broken water pipes in the unheated, vacant store next to us. Clean up has finished and the insurance company has been very helpful and cooperative. Through all this we didn’t close and have managed to carry on as usual (mostly.) Thankfully very little stock was damaged and we’re ready for you to come Christmas shopping!

Here are some pictures taken on that soggy day. The fire department had to cut through the door in the adjacent businesses to turn off the water before they began pumping water out of THE CAT HOUSE.

Signing Off
Thank you again for being for being part of THE CATHOUSE this year. We’ve seen positive growth in the store and have been able to bring in a bigger product selection for you, our customers. 2006 marks our 15th year in business and we’re excited to celebrate this milestone with you. Who knows what the future will bring? We have dreams and plans to continue improving THE CAT HOUSE. Please keep an eye out for more information about our anniversary celebrations in the coming year. 


We look forward to welcoming you in the store as you do your Christmas shopping (after all, my job description does include public relations.) Remember to ask for your free Christmas gift from under our tree!


Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Buddy Guy, Lesley Anne &


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November 2005

November 2005

Lesley Anne Rememberance Day Photo

The Snow Is Falling!
November is one of my favourite months of the year, right in the middle of fall and right around the first snow. The world begins to transition into its annual slumber, the palette of colours shifts in warm contrast to the weather outside. It is a very introspective time of year, a time to remember, to appreciate, to cuddle up in a nice warm bed beside Buddy Guy.

Did You Forget?
I want to say thanks to all those who entered the Halloween costume contest this year. It was a huge success and a lot of fun! In fact, we received a few entries after judging had finished, but I hope those who made late submissions will participate again next year. In judging the photos, we judged on costume and creativity over photographic quality (we realize not everyone is a professional photographer.) It was very hard to categorize some of the entries so we decided to award first, second and third place prizes. Full Size 8x10's are on display in the store so take a look next time your in. I know you’ve been waiting to hear who the winners are, so let's give a round of paws for:

Third Prize Winner - Chirstmas
Christmas “Spot”

Our Third Place award winner who will receive:
1 pack of “Marry Allan Photography” Cat Card Packs and
1 pack of THE CAT HOUSE Original Honeysuckle Slices.

Second Prize Winner - Her Royal
Higness Princess
Her Royal Highness Princess
Our Second Place award winner who will receive:
1 pack of “Marry Allan Photography” Cat Card Packs and
1 pack of THE CAT HOUSE Original Honeysuckle Slabs.

First Prize Winner - Count EbenineCount Ebenine
Our First Place award winner who will receive:
A “Marry Allan Photography” Pet Photo Shoot and
1 Pack of THE CAT HOUSE Original Honeysuckle Chunks.

Introducing The Ultimate “Wear Them Out Before Bed” Toy.

Toy of the month - The CatfisherWe cats love fish, and mice, so why not go fishing with mice, for cats? Huh? It’s true, you can. We’ve got this great new toy called the Catfisher, a durable yet small fly fishing rod with 40ft of line and the coolest lures in the land. Featuring a foldable design for easy compact storage, an extra lure and a compartment in the handle in which to store it. The Catfisher is completely safe and easy to use, not to mention the most fun we have had with a cat toy. This rod is, if I dare say, the ultimate interactive cat toy. What’s more, you can get your cats chasing around after the lures from wherever you are. It’s just as great indoors as out, and in large homes or small spaces. You must, yes, MUST get one of these as they are, as we say, the cat’s meow. Honestly, this is the most fun I’ve ever seen a human have with a cat toy, it’s also the most fun I’ve ever had.

Gift Of The Month
As a thank you for stopping by the store this month, make sure that when you come in ask for your FREE Basket Beanie Baby. They’re cute and the perfect size to rest on your monitor as a constant reminder of just how much we love our readers!

Community Events
Vive les chats! Portion of the - Vive Les Chats! Poster
The MEOW Foundation’s 3rd Annual Gala.
Featuring fine wine, gastronomical delights, a silent auction, raffles and a special presentation by John Gilchrist - Renowned restaurant reviewer and author. Our MC for the evening is Andrew Schultz from Calgary’s Global TV, don’t miss it!

Tickets: $75
Dress: Business casual
When: November 16, 2005, 6 p.m
Where: Fort Calgary (750 - 9 Ave SE)
More information: 2005 Gala details
Call Gwen 276-7614 or

No More Cat-a-strophies.
I’ve decided to change the tone of the newsletter a bit, and as such, done away with the cat-a-strophies section. While the stories were amusing we figured it’d be more fitting to celebrate our feline pals than publish their embarrassing stories. That being said, I would like to introduce you all to the “Cat of the Month” section we’ll be starting next month. Nominate your cat telling us about the special thing he does to make your worst days bright, how she manages to get into anything with an opening to play hide and seek, or any other story of fancy or heroism. Tell the world why you four pawed frolicker is the best one out there, or nominate someone else’s marvellous mouser and we may publish their story!

Christmas Shopping?
We know it’s started because our customers have started mentioning that’s why they’ve come. We don’t know how many times in the past couple of years people have said to us during the last week of shopping before Christmas how much they wished they started at our store. They drop in for the last person on their list, their cat, and see all these neat things they could have gotten for the other people on their list. Make it easy on yourself this year, start at THE CAT HOUSE.

Beanie Blow-out!

With over 100 designs to choose from, we are offering our TY Beanie Babies at very special pricing:

Buy 2 get 1 Free! (works out to $6.66 each)
Buy 3 get 2 Free! (works out to $6.00 each)
Buy 5 get 10 Free! (works out to $5.00 each)

And for the TY Beanie Buddies:

Buy 2 get 1 Free! (works out to $10.00 each)
Buy 3 get 2 Free! (works out to $9.00 each)
Buy 5 get 10 Free! (works out to $7.50 each)  

These plush toys make excellent gifts for people of all ages and for any occasion. At these prices grab a few and you can keep them for Emergency Gifts too! How many can you help us find a home for?

Alert! Alert!

I have to warn you, as Buddy Guy gets to write next month, and it being the Christmas season, he has begun testing product overtime! So expect that the December newsletter, the holiday gift guide, is going to be bigger and brighter than a normal newsletter. It will be packed with excellent gift suggestions and reviews and we’ll tell you how you can use our wish list program to let your friends and furs know what you’d like for Christmas this year.

Lesley Anne In Sun Hat

All Good Things Must Come To Lesley Anne
Well, I hate to chat and run, but mom just pulled out some new clothes and I MUST try on that new outfit. Ta Ta for now!

Lesley Anne

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October 2005

October 2005

Welcome to October!

In case you didn’t know, it’s Fire Prevention Month, and as you can see, I’m on top of things, as usual.  Chief Buddy Guy at your service! Don’t forget to test your smoke detectors, change the batteries and check the charge on your fire extinguishers. Now would also be a good time to practice the family fire drill. It’s good to have a carrier for each cat in your household in case you ever have to evacuate your home. Also, remember that we sell special stickers for your doors that say “In case of fire, please save our pet(s):” the fire department will try to rescue your pets if they know they’re in there and it’s safe to do so.
Halloween Contest
Here are some photos that might inspire you to enter our Halloween costume contest. You can submit your photos either in person at the store or through e-mail (international submissions also welcomed.)
For costume idea you can try places like Teddy Bear Workshop (in Chinook Centre) and similar places throughout the city that sell plush animals in costumes.
Prizes have been generously offered by one of our suppliers, Mary Allan Pet Photography. Photographs and greeting cards of your pet can be made by Mary Allan Photography, for more information call 403-619-5620.
2005 Halloween Costume Contest Rules:
  • Submissions must be dropped off or e-mailed by October 31, 2005
  • Must be an original photo to which you own the rights
  • Digital editing is restricted to backgrounds and accessories, your cat must be wearing a costume… we may ask to see it.
  • All submissions accepted as long as your pet is being treated humanely.
  • All submissions give consent for THE CAT HOUSE to publish or use the photos in any CAT HOUSE publication or ad without further compensation. All other rights remain with photographer.
  • Submissions must be of a single cat with no other animal, or human.
Contest Categories:
•    Most sophisticated
•    Most ridiculous
•    Most colourful
•    Most original
•    Most feminine
•    Most masculine
•    Most historically accurate
•    Most intricate
•    Cutest
•    Most like a different animal
•    Best Movie theme
•    Best Hero theme    
Categories may be added or removed based on submissions.
All winning photos will be posted on our website.
Take a look at this!
Mary Allan Photography has generously donated prizes for the costume contest this year. I would like to take a moment to thank them and encourage you all to e-mail and setup a pet photography appointment for you and yours! Here is a preview of some of their work:

Trick or TREAT!
If you’re looking for a goodie to put into your cat’s Halloween treat bag, you can pick up one of these little Halloween themed catnip toys at THE CAT HOUSE, mention that you read this month’s newsletter and we’ll give you one for free!
Community Events - Cat Show
Who: Southern Alberta Calgary Cat Fanciers
Where: Ogden Legion – 2625 78th Ave SE (Across from the Glenmore Inn)
When: Saturday & Sunday October 29-30th 2005 9am-6pm
Cost: $5/adult & $2/child or senior.
Flaming Fur Cat-a-strophe
(a preventative step)
Seeing as its fire safety month William (our computer guy from My Computer Hero) also wanted to pass on a tip to help you avoid a major Cat-a-strophe of your own. If you’re cat is like his Rosco (below), he loves to be around warm enclosed spaces, unfortunately, many computer desks fit this criteria. He wanted me to tell you to make sure you thoroughly de-fur the inside of your computer once every three months or more depending on how many animals you have and how dusty it is. It’s fairly simple; all you need is a can of compressed air and a vacuum.
Take the LEFT side panel off your computer (computer turned off of course) and have the computer in a nice open area. Use the compressed air to blow the dust/fur/hair out of all the crevices, fans and heat sinks in your computer while using the vacuum to catch the dust (don’t let the vacuum nozzle touch anything!). It’s also important that you don’t forget to do the power supply, the big metal box in the top rear of the computer. You don’t have to remove it, but make sure you thoroughly blow it out through every vent just to keep it clean. You will probably go through a whole can of air; it’s worth it as it impacts performance and longevity.
Fur build up has been known to overheat computer power supplies and cause house fires. It’s quickly becoming a problem as our computers get faster and hotter. It is also not a bad ideas to power down your computer (or use hibernate mode, not standby or sleep) when not in use to prevent a visit from the fire department while you’re away.
It’s also a good idea to do your VCR and DVD player to prevent your motor from burning out from fur build up like my Dad’s did. OUCH! That was an expensive bill.
Remember, it is quite simple to do, just keep in mind not to touch the vacuum nozzle to any components and do it every three of four months and you will be so much better off, oh yeah, and your computer will run a bit faster too!
Don’t forget the pumpkin!
If you carve a Cat-o-lantern this year, be sure to take a picture of it and send it to us so that we can include it next October’s newsletter. To round out our Halloween and fire safety newsletter, make sure to put the candles out in your Jack-o-lanterns and never leave them unattended. Be wary of the shell drying out as it is a fire hazard at that point as well.
From the website:
The City composts the leaves and pumpkins and uses the material to enrich the soil in City green spaces and at the Calgary Zoo. In 2004, Calgary residents dropped off 1.2 million kilograms of leaves and pumpkins. This year, the program has been extended to seven weeks starting September 24 and ending November 13. Bag your leaves and pumpkins and take them to one of the 33 drop-off locations in the city.
Finish with a flourish
Here is a line of Candle Lamps by master sculptor M. Peña which have been very well received. Mom thinks that they might have used me as a model for the three cat lamp. I don’t know about that, but they are stunning anyway you look at it

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September 2005

September 2005
Welcome to the september edition of THE INK!
 You found me!
I guess now that I’ve been discovered I better grant your wishes and come and write the newsletter for this month.
Halloween Contest
I like it when I get to show off my natural modelling talent, however, I draw the line at wearing the same outfit Buddy Guy has worn. If I looked ticked off, I am.
Halloween is next month so I should remind you we will have a costume contest – and we hope to see some really creative entries!  I know my Adoring Fans are quite the creative bunch so I expect some wonderful entries, don’t be shy!
2005 Halloween Costume Contest Rules: Lesley Anne in Kimona
  • Submissions must be dropped off or e-mailed by October 24, 2005
  • Must be an original photo to which you own the rights
  • Digital editing is restricted to backgrounds and accessories, your cat must be wearing a costume… we may ask to see it.
  • All submissions accepted as long as your pet is being treated humanely.
  • All submissions give consent for THE CAT HOUSE to publish or use the photos in any CAT HOUSE publication or ad without further compensation. All other rights remain with photographer.
  • Submissions must be of a single cat with no other animal, or human. 
Contest Categories:

•    Most sophisticated

•    Most ridiculous •    Most colourful
•    Most original •    Most feminine •    Most masculine
•    Most historically accurate •    Most intricate •    Cutest
•    Most like a different animal •    Best Movie theme •    Best Hero theme    

Categories may be added or removed based on submissions.
All winning photos will be posted on our website. Prizes to be announced in our October 1st Newsletter.

Sometimes it’s not easy being so irresistible
Inside the KittywalkI wish I had a built in SSSCat™ in my Kittywalk™ to keep my fans at a royal distance. Jacqueline from Toronto didn’t quite grasp the concept and crawled right in after me. Can you imagine? The audacity! SSSCAT™ is a wonderful new device (environmentally friendly) which is very easy to use and a great human deterrent (works on cats too). All you have to do is set the motion sensor that clips on to the included can of compressed air and it gives a warning sound and then lets out a big white cloud with a hiss sound when activated. Nobody gets hurt but it sure makes the target jump when they get hissed at by this mysterious device. The great thing is you can even set the sensor to just give a warning sound and direct the nozzle to hiss at different angles. It’s a lot of fun to watch the ‘fraidy cat run away too! Great for keeping cats off counters, tables, out of certain areas, entire rooms or floors. One can of air often goes a very long way; our computer guy ( has two and swears by them to protect his office and dining table.
Sugar & Spice & All things Nice
This month’s free gift is a sweet pleasure for all my human friends out there. When you stop by the store during September and mention this newsletter Mom & Dad will let you choose a couple of cute cat shaped candies or caramels. Enjoy!
Swinging Cat-a-strophe
If you have small children someone has probably warned you to cut the loops on you blind strings to prevent accidental strangulation. This should also apply to any household with a cat as illustrated by Joanne Wegiel of THE CAT HOUSE in the following Cat-a-strophe:
            “One day Henry and I had a day off together relaxing at home and I was watching TV. One of our cats, Goucho, who had been sleeping on top of our TV, stood up and commenced the classic wretch of bringing up a hairball. Before I could remove him from the TV he brought up a hairball and all that comes with it, which ran into the TV which produced a big flash causing the TV to start smoking! Upon hearing my screams Henry told me to quickly unplug the TV. We called a TV repair shop and asked them what to do, followed their instructions, crossed our fingers and turned the TV back on, lo and behold, success! It worked.
“Just as we stepped back in relief I felt something brush my arm and to my horror saw that it was the same cat hanging by his neck swinging like a pendulum at the end of our looped blind cord. We quickly rescued him and immediately and cut all the blind cords in the house to prevent another such Cat-a-strophe”
Please send us any Cat-a-strophe’s you may have experienced for consideration in future newsletters.
Aren't I Adorable?Can it be possible?
I can’t imagine it, but I’ve heard some people are allergic to cats! I say its heresy but Mom gets asked all the time by people who need a way to manage cat allergies. Intently listening I was in awe at such horror stories. Fear not my fellow felines; we’re not relegated to the curb yet! It turns out we stock a product called allerpet/c® for people who are allergic to cats. The bottle says “allerpet/c cleanses the animal’s hair of the antigens considered to be the prime causes of allergic reactions to cats.” Mom says it really works for most people and is recommended in workshops put on by the Allergy/Asthma association of Canada. Isn’t that great?!
Pet-icure Anyone?
How to Trim Cat ClawsMost of us hate having our nails done. I don’t know what humans get out of it when they go to the spa, but who knows how those silly creatures think anyway right? Good technique goes along way in helping us tolerate nail grooming. What you want to do is inspect the nail to locate the quick (Blood vessel) Cut the nail at an angle as shown in the picture. If your cat’s nails are extremely long, trim a little off the tips, then wait a week and trim nails again. This causes the quick to retreat back into the nail. Regular trimming will allow you to trim the claws to your desired length. For more information stop by the store and we can show you the different styles of nail clippers we have and how to use them.
He’s Famous, but I’m famous-er!
I hope you’re not tired of hearing about Buddy Guy’s t-shirt. He is so happy to be able to give back to the community that he came from (Cochrane, AB). Many of you know that he was living with a feral colony there for a few years before being rescued and brought to THE CAT HOUSE. The t-shirt is selling very well and raising funds to help build a new animal shelter in Cochrane. We can’t tell you how thrilled we are every time someone buys one or we see one of you wearing one. The Cochrane Eagle weekly newsletter has written about the success of the campaign. You can read the story by going to our website at and clicking on the “In The News” section.
Happening around Town
Saturday & Sunday October 29-30 are dates you might want to mark on your calendar. The Southern Alberta Calgary Cat Fanciers will be holding their next cat show on those dates. Click here for further information.
The End

Meow Purr my Adoring Fans,
Lesley Anne

P.S. We love to hear about you sharing our newsletter with your friends and family. They can register for free to receive our monthly newsletter by clicking on this “Subscribe now” link


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August 2005

August 2005
Buddy Guy Sunbathing
Hot Days of Summer
This month’s theme is about being hot. We’ve all had a long hot (wet), busy summer. With people coming and going, family visiting, vacations, etc, etc. I have to tell ya, the heat has been getting to me and I’m taking 12 naps a day instead of 10, even the Diva (Lesley Anne) is too hot to do much.
We’re 14!
In 1991 when we opened THE CAT HOUSE cat lovers were delighted! There were many sceptics however that questioned whether a store like ours could survive. We are happy to announce that August 1st will be our 14th Anniversary in business and we continue to grow! Come into the store during the month of August,  remember to ask for your anniversary gift! A free Synergy Sachet!
Kudos for the Kudos
Lesley Anne and I really enjoy receiving your e-mails, especially the ones that tell us how much you enjoy our newsletters. Many of you have even told us you forward them to your friends and family, thank you so much! We are truly flattered.
Here’s what some of you are saying:
“Thank you so much for these emails!!!  Please don't stop sending them!!!  They are sooooo cute and informative!  Have a GREAT day!!”  - Jo C.
“I've always known cats were clever, but Lesley Anne, you have written a very catchy letter.  I hope to be in soon to see all the cute stuff you have.” -Jana J
“I really enjoy your newsletter, and look forward to them each month. Keep them coming! Thanks.” –Doris
HoneysuckleBuddy Guy Cuddling some Honeysuckle
You have to give it to our farmers who after all this are entering harvest time. Speaking of harvesting, if you know of anyone harvesting or cutting down honeysuckle, tell them to call my Mom and Dad. They would be more than happy to come out and do all the work cutting down the honeysuckle and even give you a gift certificate to THE CAT HOUSE in exchange for the wood.
 If I want fun, I have my honeysuckle, man I love that stuff. Of course, this is the perfect time to tell you about “THE CAT HOUSE Brand/Honeysuckle Play Package”.
The play package contains:
1 Package of Honeysuckle Slices, approx. 40grams (Retail $6.00)
1 Package of Honeysuckle Slabs, approx. 80grams (Retail $8.00)
3 Synergy Sachets (Honeysuckle/Catnip refillable pouches) (Retail $3.50 each)
This is enough for 3 cats to have a wonderful time. All this for only $25!
If you prefer, you can order any multiple of the above, as long as it fits the minimum $25 order requirement. ($6.00 S&H anywhere in North America)
If you come into the store during the month of August, mention the newsletter and ask for your free Synergy Sachet!
What disaster has your feline friend caused, survived, or both? Cat-astrophes is a new monthly section where we will publish the best reader submitted stories of purrrfect daring and danger. Tell us how your paw pals have forsaken one (or more) of their nine precious lives. (Due to the nature of our newsletter, not all stories can be published, but we thank you for your entries.)
Here’s a Cat-astrophe told by our computer hero ( about his first cat, Smokey:
“Smokey was my first cat, I called him such because his fur was a pure grey such that he looked like smoke. I loved him to death. However, Smokey had an addiction. Not only was he fond of using my mothers 3 foot floor stereo speakers as a scratching post, but he had an affinity for the wires that lead into them. I don’t know how many times we had to repair the stereo wires because my beloved cat had chewed through them, but it wasn’t long after that a permanent solution was discovered.
“I recall one day coming home from school with my mother to find the house stinking of burnt hair. It turns out that our beloved friend in this story had moved up to a higher grade of wire and chewed into the power cord of the TV giving himself a nice little shock and living up to his name. He never went near those speakers again.”

My mom wants to point that you can help your cat from meeting a similar fate by coating wires with “Bitter Apple” solution. We have some in the store designed for this purpose.

MEOW Foundation Update!
We've heard that the MEOW Foundation is a little full, with 105 cats currently in their care we wanted to remind those of you looking to add another friendly feline to your family to take a look at their website first at We hope these cats can find a good home soon!

M.E.O.W. is also having it's first annual Used Book, CD, DVD, Video Sale at Calgary Animal Services (2201 Portland St SE) during the weekend of Auguest 27-28th from 10am-4pm. We hope to see you there! If you would like to donate to the sale, you can drop off your donations at THE CAT HOUSE or call 230-6033 ext 3.


I’m exhausted. Quality control is a hard job you know. I’m going for a nap, see you next time.G'night!
Buddy Guy
Quality Control Officer
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July 2005

July 2005

We Are Canadian!

Happy Canada Day!
Buddy and I want to wish you a very happy (and dry!) Canada Day! We are Canadian and proud of it!

Stampede Princess
Of course, being it’s July and all, that means one other thing, STAMPEDE TIME! Let’s all hear a great big loud MEOWHOO! I love the Stampede, something about the western wear makes me excited. This year I ran for Stampede Princess in the store, and won of course. Lesley Anne - Stampede Princess Here’s a picture of wonderful ol’ me giving a nod to those who ran against me, they wish they looked so beautiful. If you’re sufficiently jealous and would like a tiara for your cat just come and mention this newsletter and my Mom will give you one for free, just like mine. However, I guarantee it won’t make your cat look as gorgeous as me, close, but not quite.
One of the things I really like about Stampede is the food. They say you can eat all week for free (and never want to see a pancake for the rest of the year) if you know where to look. Well, look no more my loyal fans. I asked around for you and as it turns out our computer guys from My Computer run a website where you can search for breakfasts by date, quadrant and postal code! I love their logo: “Free Food… ‘Nuff Said” indeed! They also have prizes up there for those who submit the most listings so take a look at and spread the word!

Cochrane Humane Society Update

Last week the Cochrane Humane society put out a plea to area residents via news media to help them with a very crowded situation. They had over 100 cats stuffed into their poor little shelter. Being way over capacity, they asked the community to come out and adopt cats and a lot of you did! Thanks to the many caring people like you who adopted, the Cochrane Humane Society now will not be faced with putting down healthy cats. Let’s try to keep it that way!

Buddy Guy’s Wanted T-Shirt, AGAIN!
I’m obliged to mention Buddy Guy’s t-shirt again this month. Initially I objected because it’s MY MONTH for the newsletter and therefore, naturally, it’s all about ME. However, seeing as the proceeds for the shirts go to the Cochrane Humane Society to help them build their new shelter, I relented. The Humane Society just hit the magic million dollar mark: over half way to their $1.7 million goal. Thank you to those of you who have helped, it means a lot.

Kittywalk Stroller Double Decker Kittywalk StrollerSingle Pet Kittywalk Stroller
We’ve mentioned the Kittywalk outdoor enclosure systems before, but now we want to tell you about the Kittywalk stroller as well. They come in single and double-decker models and are available through THE CAT HOUSE. We have one on display at all times. Come take a look at them and see how easy it would be to have your cats accompany you on a walk without having to constantly untangle leash lines. I even demonstrated how much fun it was to ride in one for THE PET GUYS TV program (also available in blue and pink.)

Outward Hound Pet Stroller




The Outward Hound
We also have a less expensive alternative called The Outward Hound. It is a smaller stroller but a little easier to collapse. Here’s a shot of one as well:

Warning: Please remember that when you bring your stroller inside, don’t do what Daddy did and leave Buddy Guy (or your cat) in the stroller all night! I couldn’t get a wink of sleep because of the poor guy’s constant meowing.

That's All Folks
Well, my paws are getting tired, and you should feel quite honoured by now so I will let you go. Remember, I love you all, not as much as you love me of course, but that’s the way I like it. Ta!

Lesley Anne

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June 2005

June 2005

Cats Rule!
Lesley Anne isn't the only one who looks good in a crown!

Happy Pawther's Day!
Howdy all!
Buddy Guy here, Just a quick note to wish a Happy Pawther's Day to all you guys out there. Did you know that I'm the proud father of three beautiful kittens? When I was hanging out in Cochrane with a few dozen other strays, I had a sweet mate named Nellie and together we had three beautiful kittens - two girls who look like me and a boy who has the same colours as his mother. I'm such a proud Dad that if you come in to THE CAT HOUSE in the month of June I'm passing out cigars---catnip filled cigars that is. Just come to the sales desk and wish me a Happy Pawther's Day and I'll be happy to give you one!

Speaking of furry children have you noticed how many more people are naming their cats like their children? These days we cats are seen to be family members through and through and are being named accordingly. More than ever we four-leggeds are being given popular boys and girls names. The top pet names in the UK currently are Molly, Charlie, Max, Millie, Oscar, Poppy, Harvey, Alfie, Rosie, Harry, Jack, Lucy, and Sam . Now when you call out our names people won't know whether you're calling your children or your cats.
By the way the "WANTED" T-shirt featuring me wearing a cowboy hat and a Bandanna would make a great Pawther's Day gift don't you think? Remember Stampede week will be here before you know it - help Dad get ready to party and help the Cochrane Humane society to build a new shelter!

Congratulations to the MEOW Foundation - they have now found homes for 1753 cats and kittens. Thanks to all you Meowthers and Pawther's for finding room in your hearts for these wonderful cats. If you wish to receive the latest MEOW news you can check out their website, subscribe to their newsletter or check out our bulletin board in the store.

Crazy Mouse Toy
Have you seen the Cat ‘n’ Mouse toy yet? It has captivated my kittens and many other cats! It’s cat powered and the great part is cats can play with it without having to pester Mom and Dad all the time. Check it out next time you're in the store. Please phone ahead though as they are flying out the door and sometimes we have to wait for the next shipment to arrive. 

The shipments are selling out quickly with people buying 2 or 4 at a time. Call "CAT-CATS" (228-2287) to be put on the list to get one. Mom promised me that this time she'd keep one for me and '"the Princess" ... I hate it when customers talk her in to selling the demo toy!


Cats in Clothes
If you think I look like my Mom dresses me - you're right! You may have seen photos of me in the store wearing various outfits for fun. Well now my Mom has this idea that we should have a costume contest for cats for Halloween. We thought we'd mention it now just so you have time to be on the lookout for ideas and to get the creative juices flowing. Anything goes as long as you and your cat are having fun: we don't want to hear of any charges of animal cruelty. All photos should be submitted to THE CAT HOUSE by October 1st, 2005 and will become our property upon submission. Rules and prizes will be announced in a future newsletter and on our website.

Is The Pope Cataholic?
According to various news reports, Pope Benedict XVI is a cat lover. The new Pope apparently pays attention to the street cats around the Vatican and talks to and visits with the cats. They seem to know and love him quite well; apparently the Holy Father's love for cats is quite famous, so happy Pawther's Day to you to Pope Benedict!

That's it for this edition of THE INK!
We'll be back next month when Lesley Anne gets to bang on the keyboard and brag that's it's her turn. July is not going to be fun for me!

Buddy Guy

PS. Send this newsletter to a friend who you think might enjoy it so they can get their free gift too!

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